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Team Expedited

Secure, responsive capacity ready to move high-value and time-sensitive freight anywhere, anytime.

With a vast network of assigned capacity, specially-trained team drivers and strategically-placed secured lots, your expedited freight is in strong, sure hands. We deploy quickly to keep your freight secure, all overseen by a core team of operations experts who make sure your high-security, time-critical and Hazmat loads arrive safe and on schedule.

Our four-phased approach to deliver as promised

  1. Load Tender
    • Reserved capacity with pre-planned routes
    • Customized security plans to fit your business operations
    • Expedited-only customer service team monitors loads 24/7 to ensure perfect performance
    • 30-point high security work instructions
    • Rigorous driver review with extensive background and drug testing, including hair follicle testing
  2. Pick-up
    • Customer service team experience in managing high-value loads oversees all arrangements
    • Drivers pick up loaded with the expectation and fuel to move 250 continuous miles upon departure
  3. Transit
    • Best-in-class driver training in cargo security
    • Tractor and trailer satellite tracking
    • 24/7 security monitoring
    • Updates required for all stops
    • Driver monitoring during fuel stops and shutdowns
    • Driver check calls on all high-value loads
  4. Delivery
    • 35 high-security drop lots throughout the United States
    • Customer Service team keeps loads moving and secure on final approach to delivery

Too much rides on high-value and time sensitive loads to accept anything less than the best.

Let us show you why we’re the provider you can trust.

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