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We’ve got all the trucks you need to pull cost out of your business.

It’s no secret cost control is critical to every business, and it’s difficult enough to manage costs in your core business, without the added pressure of managing your transportation as well. That’s where Schneider Dedicated Services come in. We’re here to add 80 years of trucking, distribution and fleet management know-how to give you an unbeatable competitive edge. No matter how large or small your operation may be, we know how to squeeze every ounce of cost out of your supply chain while keeping you in complete control.

Whether you’re replacing a private fleet, in need of better ideas for your distribution network, or finding innovative options to preserve capital and optimize your equipment, Schneider Dedicated Services has you covered:

  • Industry-beating performance with a proven track record of 99% or better on-time service.
  • Cut cost at every turn
  • Get you the tools you need to accurately review cost and performance in your transportation operation
  • An unprecedented network of equipment and drivers that give you the flexibility you need to meet the changing needs of your business

Put Schneider Dedicated Services to work for you and get a stranglehold on cost. Send us a note at

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