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Carrier Solutions

We’ve got the freight you want, and the services no other brokers can offer.
Service Offerings

Let’s face it, every broker in the business can offer loads. As one of the top 20 freight brokers in an industry of thousands, we have more than most. What’s really important to us is how we keep you moving beyond having the right freight to offer.

  • We move it all, and we’re looking for carriers to help us
    • Dry Van
    • Refrigerated
    • Flatbed and specialized
    • Intermodal
  • We make doing business simple
    • We have the programs in place to make sure you get paid correctly and on time
    • We have accelerated pay options
    • We have instant access to freight
  • We take care of you on every load
    • We give you the information you need to meet your customer's expectations
    • We understand the business from the carrier’s side of the table and we manage our business to help you succeed in yours
  • We help you save costs
    • Save on fuel, tires and maintenance with our Carrier Purchasing Program
    • You can save on a sales team because we find freight for you
    • We have freight on many lanes so you can minimize costly deadhead miles.

Schneider's Transportation Management service is looking for the best carriers who can meet our high standards for safety and service.  If you are one of those special carriers, please take a few minutes and register for complete access to our site.  You can see the freight we have to offer and you can post your own trucks to see how we can get you moving today.

We’ve got hundreds of loads waiting for you to pick them up
We’ve got one of the best sales forces in the industry, and they are working to keep your trucks moving. 

You can also call our three regional logistics centers directly and discuss your freight needs with them.

Green Bay 

Posting capacity is just as easy
If you want to post the trucks you have available, fill out our registration and we’ll start working to fill your needs.

If you are up to the challenge we are interested in talking to you
Take a few minutes and register for complete access to our site. You can see the freight we have to offer and you can even post your own capacity to see how we can get your moving today.

Please gather the information below, and contact us at 800-558-1179.


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