Intermodal Services



Intermodal Services

Truck-like service, cost-effective capacity and reliability.

As an asset-based provider, we deliver flexibility and control of your cargo with truck-like service and the cost-effectiveness of rail.

Our relationships with rail providers guarantee your cargo priority placement.

Our drivers and customer service teams do whatever it takes to keep your cargo moving and your expectations met.

So when your freight ships with us, it arrives on time, time after time.

With Schneider, you get:

  • A single reliable provider who works with you from start to finish instead of a chain of providers with handoffs and varying service standards
  • A broad portfolio of smart capacity options, including regional, long haul, team expedited and dedicated services
  • Ready access to GPS tracked, same-sized Schneider-owned tractors and containers
  • Priority rail — so your freights gets preferential treatment with the highest performing railroad in the fastest-growing regions
  • Peace of mind. Your freight is in experienced hands, properly secured in a Schneider owned container, making for smooth, uneventful transport throughout North America
  • Operations staff at or near major ramp locations to respond quickly to any challenges that arise
  • Industry-leading on-time, door-to-door pickup and delivery performance

Let us show you the reliable capacity you’re looking for.

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