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One phone call gives you access to unlimited Intermodal options.

You have a wealth of options at Schneider. That means you have direct access to the nation’s two largest Intermodal carriers, access to the three Class 1 railroads, and the four largest intermodal marketing companies in North America. No one else brings you this level of capacity, reach or convenience.

It’s an unbeatable combination. With one phone call, you have a full-service solution no other Intermodal company can match.

  • You save cost because we buy better
    • We purchase more than $100 million in intermodal services every year, giving us a stronger negotiating platform to get you a better price.
    • We work closely with our providers and because of how well we treat them, your freight receives preferential treatment every time.
    • We know which providers offer the better pricing on specific lanes, ensuring your freight is always moving at the best price possible.
  • You save time because we handle the entire Intermodal move
    top_quote Schneider's Transportation Management service is the perfect balance between personalized service and Corporate Efficiency and Effectiveness bottom_quote
    Richard Green
    Brake Parts Inc. (Division of Affinia Group)
    • Door-to-door means just that. We secure the dray from your dock, the railroads and the dray to your customer. You make one call and we handle the rest.
    • You always have capacity because we have strong relationships with so many intermodal providers
  • We eliminate the worries and the hassles of moving Intermodal freight
    • Only Schneider has the experience and knowledge that comes from being part of an asset-based provider. We have learned the business from both sides and understand what it takes to flawlessly move your freight.
    • We take care of the people who move your freight and in turn, they take care of every load we move.

Let Schneider help you get your business on a better track, contact one of our experts by simply submitting a rate inquiry and we’ll get you going.

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